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Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 5:
My Will is Ever Stronger

“Can we stop to see Dayakka and Kiyoh?” asked Nia as she and Simon flew across the countryside on their way back to Kamina City.

“Do you just want to see Anne again?” asked Simon.

“No,” said Nia in a dispassionate manner.

“Don’t lie to me now.”

“Simon, Nia, welcome back.”

Simon and Nia turned to see Gurren Lagann flying right next to them, followed by a squad of Graperals.

“Hi Gimmy and Darry!” said Nia, waving her hand.

“How’s Gurrren Lagann working for you two?” asked Simon.

“It’s working pretty well,” said Darry, “We still have a few things to get used to.”

“Just be sure not to screw around with the samoflange,” said Simon, “If you break it, bad things happen.”

“What’s a samoflange?” asked Gimmy.

“Just don’t touch it,” said Simon.

“We’re going to see Dayakka, Kiyoh, and Anne today!” said Nia.

“Well I think they left town,” said Gimmy, “There was something Dayakka had to do for the government, so they decided to take a family vacation.”

“Well that’s too bad,” said Simon, “I guess we’ll have to wait till they come back.”

“They might come back tonight,” said Gimmy, “You should probably check at around seven.”

“Really?” asked Nia eagerly.

“Yeah, but we make no guarantees,” replied Gimmy and Darry simultaneously.

“Hooray!” shouted Nia, “We get to see Anne again!”

“So you admit it!” said Simon.

The two groups diverted from each other, with Simon and Nia engaging in playful banter and Gimmy and Darry snickering.


“It was so nice of everybody to give us a going away party,” said Nia as she and Simon walked away from the party.

“It was also nice of them to give us all these presents,” said Simon, using his ring to carry a pile of gifts.

“Wasn’t that such a great party, Simon?” asked Nia.

“Definitely,” said Simon, “Though I was worried about what Viral was about to do at times.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to see our new home,” said Nia, “Could we go there now, Simon?”

“Not tonight,” responded Simon, “I’m a bit tired and the ring could use a recharge.”

“Hey, what’s that over there?” asked Nia, pointing to the west. Simon turned and saw a streak of yellow light heading toward the city.

“I’m not sure, but it doesn’t look good,” said Simon, “Take the gifts and go somewhere safe. This could get ugly.”

Simon gave the construct carrying the gifts to Nia and flew off, instantly changing into his Green Lantern uniform. He arrived at the area where the yellow light landed and saw a large creature wearing the Sinestro Corps uniform.

“So I assume you’re the third Anti-Spiral that Sinestro gave a ring to,” said Simon, “Kaimei, was it?”

The being said nothing, only turning to face Simon.

“Are you going to answer me, or do you not like talking?”

Kaimei responded with more silence.

“Ok, I’m going to have to ask you to leave my sector,” said Simon, “Otherwise, we’re going to have a bit of a fight.”

Kaimei put himself into a battle stance.

“Fight it is then.”

Simon started the fight with a giant green fist, but Kaimei blocked it with a yellow hand. A yellow hammer then uppercut Simon, but he recovered and fired a green blast at Kaimei. Kaimei formed a shield before sending a shockwave that pushed Simon a few blocks away. Kaimei turned away to leave when he was shot in the back. He turned to see Simon lying down on a rooftop and firing a large rifle construct.

“Yoko, you really have a great gun,” said Simon, firing another bullet. Simon kept firing until he saw a yellow object arced toward him. Simon jumped to avoid the grenade construct and formed a construct of a guitar in his hands. He brought the guitar construct down on Kaimei, causing the Anti-Spiral to hunch over. As Kaimei recovered, Simon repeatedly cut Kaimei with a nodachi construct. However, Kaimei soon caught the construct in his hand and shattered it, proceeding to give Simon an uppercut with a yellow fist.

“I’ll admit you’re tough, but I’m not going to lose to the likes of you!” said Simon as he readied himself for another blast. However, the ring flickered before finally turning off.

“Wait, WHAT?” asked Simon, looking at his ring, “Oh…I didn’t charge this.”

Kaimei rushed forward and gave Simon a hard blow to the stomach. Simon hunched over in pain as Kaimei left. Simon looked up just in time to see the direction Kaimei was heading.

“No,” he said with a weak voice. Simon slowly got up and staggered forward until he found a group of bikers stop at a bar. As much as he could, he rushed forward and jumped on one of the bikes.

“HEY! MY BIKE!” shouted one of the bikers.

“I’ll return it or pay you back later!” shouted Simon as he raced after Kaimei. He finally caught up with Kaimei to find Nia held by the mouth in his left hand.

“NIA!” Simon shouted as he rushed toward them, but he was stopped by a yellow cylinder engulfing him. Kaimei turned back to Nia and continued with his work. Then, he bore a quizzical look.

“Interesting,” Kaimei said in a deep voice, “The Anti-Spiral genes within you have been disabled. Oh well, you still serve our purpose.”

Nia let out muffled screams of pain as Kaimei absorbed the information. When he was done, he threw an unconscious Nia aside. He then walked to Simon, still trapped in the cylinder.

“You bastard,” said Simon, “How could you just treat her like trash? Wasn’t she important to you people?!”

Kaimei said nothing and picked up the cylinder. He started to fly off with Simon when it began to crack.

“You abandon your way of life, you treat those below you like trash, and you lock up other life forms like you’re some kind of king,” said Simon, “You’ve made an enemy of me and all Spiral Races. And we destroy our enemies.”

Kaimei reinforced the cylinder, but even larger cracks appeared as Simon glowed a bright green.

“I don’t care how strong you think you are, my will is ever stronger!”

Simon burst free from his confinement, blowing Kaimei back. When he recovered and looked back at Simon, Kaimei realized just what he had experienced.

“The Spiral,” said Kaimei just before he was cut and bound by two giant sunglasses. Kaimei’s eyes widened as he saw the construct Simon was making at that moment.


Simon drilled straight through Kaimei, leaving a hole in his torso. When Simon was done and the glasses returned to his hand, Kaimei floated down and stood on the nearest roof.

“I’ll admit, that was painful,” said Kaimei as the hole started to close up, “We shall continue this later.”

“Oh no you don’t!” said Simon as he rushed to Kaimei, but the yellow-clad being generated a shield to block Simon’s attack. Simon tried to drill through it, but he couldn’t generate a construct strong enough. When Simon finally relented, Kaimei flew away.

“Next time, you won’t be so lucky,” said Simon, “Wait, NIA!”

Using the little energy he had left, Simon rushed toward the unconscious Nia. Just as Simon picked her up, she slowly came into consciousness.

“Hi, Simon,” Nia said in a low voice. Simon held her close and said in tears, “Thank god you’re alright.”

“I think some of our presents broke,” said Nia, still whispering.

Simon smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you even better ones.”

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Gainax
Green Lantern Corps and related concepts DC Comics
And thus they go into their happy marriage. Right after Simon drills a hole in an Anti-Spiral’s chest.

To explain Kaimei, I chose a non-vocal brute for him because we already have a mastermind and a loose cannon. His lines were probably the easiest to write for because there were so few of them. If you’re wondering how the Anti-Spiral genes were disabled, I’m going to go with random mutations in those genes, the more unstable of the bunch, during the cloning process.
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