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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 9
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 9:
My Ring is the Ring that Lights the Stars!
With that exclamation, all assembled stopped for a moment to behold Gurren Lantern. The construct had the exact proportions of Gurren Lagann, and was colored in various shades of green.  On the left shoulder attachment was the symbol of Team Dai-Gurren, and on the left shoulder attachment and imbedded in the circle on the mech’s forehead were the Green Lantern symbol.  Finally, after a few moments, Parallax-Zetsubo spoke.
“I think you are a fool.  And soon you will be defeated.”
“I’d like to see you try,” replied Simon.
Immediately, Gurren Lantern and Parallax-Zetsubo began to duke it out, trading blows with equal speed and power.  After some time of watching, Viral, within Enkidudu, and Yoko rose to the top of a tall building.
“Our Green Lantern is fighting with all his strength and will!”
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 8
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 8:
Driving Will Construct!  Gurren Lantern!
“Alright, let’s get an arms check,” said Kyle, “Ground units, how are you doing?”
“All rifles have been loaded with Spiral Energy bullets,” said Yoko.
“Anti-air cannons?”
“Ready to fire,” said Leeron, “I put everything I had in them.”
“Ok,” said Kyle slowly, “Mech brigade?”
“Both Gunmen and pilots are ready for battle,” replied Viral, running a hand across his mech, “You know, it’s nice to see Enkidudu again.”
“I understand the sentiment.  Green Lanterns?”
“Rings charged and at the ready,” said Simon and Guy Gardner.
“Then all we’re doing is waiting for them to make their move.”
“Whatever it is, we’ll be ready,” said Simon.
For the next three hours, the entire city was on edge.  All the soldiers, especiall
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 7
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 7:
Our Will Shall Match It
Simon paced around his yard, trying to add together the actions of the Anti-Spiral Corpsmen.  He understood that they wanted to kill all the humans, and that Nia’s life with humans provided information for them as to how humans live and fight, but what he didn’t get was why they needed the metals he mined.
“I’d help if I knew what the metals could do,” said Simon to himself, “All this waiting’s got me uneasy.”
Then, at the corner of his eye, he saw a green streak.  Simon turned to see Kyle Rayner landing right in front of him.
“Hey Simon, how goes it?”
“Kyle!  What are you doing here?”
“I’ve got a report from the lab guys about Spiral Energy,” said Kyle, pulling up the report with his ring, “It seems that the green light has a few different shades to it.”
“Wow,” said Simon, “I never would have
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Rowdys in Citysville 5
Rowdys in Citysville
Chapter 5:
A Clever Thief
All was quiet in the office of one of the richest men in Citysville.  The millionaire had long ago gone to a “business meeting,” and the secretary had gone back home for the night.  Then, there was a small click and the window opened.  Through the window came a young girl wearing all black, a device that, on her head as it was, looked like cat ears, and a domino mask.
“Purrrfect,” said the girl, “Wow, did I really just say that?”
The girl quietly made her way to the safe hidden behind a painting.  She brought down the device on her head and turned it on, allowing her to see the locking mechanism inside.  Slowly she turned the turned the knob and watched carefully as the tumblers fell.  Finally she opened the safe door and looked through the contents.
“Let’s see, deeds, incorporation papers, list of alibis…Oh, this looks good,” said the girl as she pi
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 6
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 6:
Our Will Shall Never Die!
“I swear it, I formed a Giga Drill when my ring was running on fumes.”
“That’s odd,” said Kyle Rayner over the communications device built into the Green Lantern ring, “It shouldn’t be able to do that.  Got any idea on how you pulled it off?”
“Well, it did feel like I was channeling my Spiral Energy through the ring,” said Simon, “Do you think that’s possible?”
“At this point I’d believe anything,” said Kyle, “I’ll have the tech guys look into it, if they aren’t already.”
“Simon!  Your lunch is ready!”
“It smells delicious,” replied Simon, “Kyle, I’ve gotta go to my other job.  Talk to you later.”
“Of course.  Lantern Rayner out.”
Simon picked up his lunch, kissed his wife, and went off to work.
“Hey guys, I found something
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Phantom Avengers-Darkness Returns 4
Phantom Avengers-Darkness Returns
Chapter 4
Dealing with the Past
“How long’s Danny been in there?” asked Quicksilver to Hawkeye as they stood outside the door to Danny’s room.
“About a day and a half,” replied Hawkeye, “He’s been in there ever since we got back from that mission.”
“I can imagine that he has some bad history with whoever we’re up against,” said Quicksilver, “From what I can gather, this guy’s working with Loki.  We’ve got some steep odds against us.”
“I know,” said Hawkeye, “Listen, I’ve got some work to do around the mansion, so I’m gonna have to duck out.”
“See you, Clint,” said Quicksilver.  Hawkeye left as soon as Sam came out of the room.
“Is he going to come out any time soon?”
“I don’t think so,” replied Sam in a worrying tone, “He doesn’t like to talk much about whoeve
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 5
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 5:
My Will is Ever Stronger
“Can we stop to see Dayakka and Kiyoh?” asked Nia as she and Simon flew across the countryside on their way back to Kamina City.
“Do you just want to see Anne again?” asked Simon.
“No,” said Nia in a dispassionate manner.
“Don’t lie to me now.”
“Simon, Nia, welcome back.”
Simon and Nia turned to see Gurren Lagann flying right next to them, followed by a squad of Graperals.
“Hi Gimmy and Darry!” said Nia, waving her hand.
“How’s Gurrren Lagann working for you two?” asked Simon.
“It’s working pretty well,” said Darry, “We still have a few things to get used to.”
“Just be sure not to screw around with the samoflange,” said Simon, “If you break it, bad things happen.”
“What’s a samoflange?” asked Gimmy.
“Just don’t touch it,” said Simon.
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Phantom Avengers-Darkness Returns 3
Phantom Avengers-Darkness Returns
Chapter 3
An Alien Monster
Danny looked up from his cards at Hawkeye, Sam, Tucker, and Ms. Marvel.  Their faces were all blank.  He thought carefully about his hand, his chips, and his options.  Finally, he came to a decision.
"All in," he said as he pushed his chips into the pot.
"Alright then, prepare to weep," said Tucker, "Straight."
"Not so fast Tucker," said Sam, "Flush."
"Don't count your chickens," said Ms. Marvel, "Full house."
"Sorry, but Hawkeye's won this one," said Hawkeye, "Straight Flush."
Danny was silent for a moment, than said, "Royal Flush."
The other players threw up their hands in disbelief as Danny took the pot.  As Danny ordered his chips, Hawkeye said, "How is it that you have the best poker face in the world?"
"I kept my ghost half a secret for a few years," said Danny, "You quickly learn how to fake a face."
At that moment, a call came in on Ms. Marvel's Avengers ID card.
"This is Ms. Marvel.  Yeah, Ha
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Mature content
Rowdys in Citysville 4 :iconswampert-titan:Swampert-Titan 0 0
Simon, The Gurren Lantern 4
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 4:
A Green Lantern Never Submits to Fear
"I now pronounce you man and wife," said Rossiu, closing his false holy book, "You may kiss the bride."
Simon and Nia kissed and the assembled guests responded with applause.  Simon and Nia walked down the aisle, congratulations being given to them by their good friends.  As the two entered the car parked outside the park where the ceremony was held, one thought crossed both their minds.
'We're married.'
"That was the best wedding I've ever been to," said Gimmy at the reception.
"It's the only wedding you've ever been to," said Darry.
"Still, it was a beautiful ceremony," said Yoko.
"Indeed," said Rossiu, "You know, during the entire ceremony, I had a slight fear that something would happen that would end it on a depressing note, almost as if it was written by a hack who doesn't know how to end something without something bad happening that pisses people off."
There was silence for a moment.
"But what are th
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Rowdys in Citysville 3
Rowdys in Citysville
Chapter 3:
The Lumbering Brute
"Boomer, why are you dragging us to Warehouse 3b?" asked Brick, "There's nothing here.  Faleone relinquished it when he was sentenced."
"Which means I can buy it on the cheap," said Boomer, "And considering the price tag, Citysville really wanted to get rid of this place."
"Why'd you buy it?" asked Butch, "And with what?"
"Remember how we've always taken the money from the drug dealers we bust?"
"Yeah," said Brick, "We do have to eat."
"Well, I've been storing some of that money, along with some spare change from our criminal days, in a bank account over in Townsville," said Boomer, "It was as simple as transferring the money to a Citysville bank and walking into City Hall with the check."
"That's why you were out in town with a trench coat and those stilts," said Brick, "So what do you intend to do with this facility?"
"We're going to live in it," said Boomer, "Welcome to Casa del Rowdy."
Boomer opened up the door to reveal
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Phantom Avengers-Darkness Returns 2
Phantom Avengers-Darkness Returns
Chapter 2
Expanded Roster
"Wow, that is one of the best mansions I have ever seen," said Tucker as he, Danny, Sam, and Thor arrived at Avenger's Mansion.
"Noble Stark spared no expense for the Avengers," said Thor.
"You're calling Tony Stark noble," said Danny, "A man who didn't go a day he was at Amity Park without commenting on the women there."
"Indeed, perhaps noble was not the correct word," said Thor, "Shall we enter?"
"I would if I knew how," said Danny.
"True," said Thor, "Worry not, I will open the path."
Thor stepped up to the front door, and a voice that sounded like a butler came from a console beside the door.
"Avenger identified.  Welcome."
"Come friends, we have many fellow Avengers to greet," said Thor.
"Hold up, why are you letting them into the mansion," asked Spider-Man as he swung in, "For all we know, they could be spies for supervillains, or worse, Skrulls."
"Alright, I'll prove my trustworthiness," said Danny as he pull
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 3
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 3:
My Heart Burns with Green Willpower!
"How many days has it been since Simon went missing?" said Acting Supreme Commander Rossiu as he looked down on Kamina City from his office.
"Four days," said Yoko, "No one ever said that finding him would be an easy task."
"Nevertheless, we must continue looking," said Rossiu.  At that moment, a call came in through to the office.
"Rossiu, we've got an unidentified object heading for Kamina City," said Leeron.
"How large is it?" asked Rossiu.
"It's the size off…Lagann!" said Leeron, "And I'm detecting Spiral Energy!"
"Simon!" shouted Rossiu, "Where is it heading?"
"If my calculations are right, it should land…on top of Parliament Tower!"
"I'm heading up there right now!" said Rossiu.
"I'll get everybody up there!" said Yoko.
"We're already on our way!" shouted Leeron before cutting off the call.
"Here we are," said Simon as he and Nia flew towards their home.
"Wow," said Nia, "The Earth l
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 2
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 2:
My Ring is the Ring that Outshines the Stars
Simon was greatly confused by the events that had just transpired.  One moment he was squaring down against a Red Lantern, the next a green ring was talking to him and sipping onto his finger.  But what was most confusing was what he was feeling right now.  He felt stronger, stronger than any time before.  He felt like he could go through hell and back if that's what it took to achieve his goals.  He felt like he could withstand the might of the Anti-Spiral alone if that's what it took.  He felt like he could take on anything.
As the green light that surrounded him faded, Simon noticed that he wasn't wearing what he was before the ring talked to him.  Instead, he was wearing an outfit much like what Kyle Rayner wore, but with more green on the torso and the symbol in the center instead of off to the side.  But what most confus
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Rowdys in Citysville 2
Rowdys in Citysville
Chapter 2:
The First Big Bust
"We can't keep going on like this," said Boomer as he and his brothers were patrolling the city, "Stopping crime at the street level isn't going to get us where we need to go."
"Well what do you expect us to do?" said Brick, "It's only been five days, and reputations aren't gained overnight.  And it's not like these drug dealers will go away with one bust."
The three continued silently for a moment, then Butch exclaimed, "Chop the head of the snake!"
"What do you mean by…" began Brick before Boomer interrupted, exclaiming, "Butch, you are a genius!"
"Wait, why is he a genius?" asked Brick, "You two HAVE met, right?"
"What we're going to do is take out the head of these drug dealers," said Boomer, "If he's taken out, then all of his drug dealers will be gone."
"They're likely to another boss," said Brick.
"Not all," said Butch
"And more importantly, it sends a signal," said Boomer, "If we can take out one of the crime bos
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Simon, The Gurren Lantern 1
Simon, The Gurren Lantern
Chapter 1:
That's the Way of Simon the Digger
"My drill is the drill…THAT CREATES THE HEAVENS!"
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann rushed to strike the Anti-Spiral mecha, and the two clashing caused a massive explosion that drove the two combatants back.  From the damaged Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann launched Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, ready to strike.  The Anti-Spiral mech launched tendrils to stop Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, but Arc Gurren Lagann went forward from inside the great mech.  More tendrils came at Arc Gurren Lagann, and it launched Gurren Lagann to continue the fight. Still more tendril's came to stop Gurren Lagann, but the might of the human race would not be stopped.
"Simon!" shouted Viral as he ripped Lagann off Gurren and threw it at the Anti-Spiral, "Go!"
The Anti-Spiral race's representation launched it's own tendrils at Lagann, tearing off it's arms and legs, but Lagann barreled forward with more drive, not stopping for anything.
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Randomness by Geekdom squared
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Hey guys!  I know it's been a long time.  Schoolwork has kind of derailed this little thing.  On the bright side, now I can finish Gurren Lantern and get back to Phantom Avengers, maybe.  Unfortunately, though, we're not going to talk about something that fun.  No, I currently have a large stick jammed up my rear that no amount of Preparation H is going to relieve, and it involves sexism in geek culture.  This is going to be something.  I know plenty of people more equipped to talk about this than me have done so, but these thoughts will not leave until I weigh in.

The inciting incident for this thought is the appearance of Depression Quest on Steam Greenlight, or rather the response to it.  See, Depression Quest was made by one Zoe Quinn, who is a woman, and the association of women with anything involving video games usually brings up a lot of demeaning, sexist comments that would sicken me if I were to actually look them up.  This instance is no exception, and my personal opinion on the matter is that of disgust.  Now, I've never played Depression Quest, and frankly I'm not all that interested in it (my current gaming desires extend to getting my hands on the Megatokyo Visual Novel beta), but all the vitriol thrown at Quinn for putting this game on Steam is entirely unwarranted.  However, the fact that she did get all that vitriol is a symptom of the mindset within geek culture that women do not belong here and those that try to insert themselves within it are faking it to get attention.  Thus is the idea of "Fake Geek Girls."

Now, sexism towards women has always been around (the Ancient Egyptians probably found some way to make farming a men only affair), but it's become more of an issue now that such sexism is on the decline.  However, you're probably wondering about my opinion on the "horrible plague of women invading our sacred pastimes."  Well, my opinion is...

Really, geek culture?  This is a PROBLEM?  That needs to be ADDRESSED AND FIXED?  You know bullcrap like this is why we can't have nice things like Firefly (Oh yeah, I went there).

No, I do not believe that fake geek girls are a problem, or even that they exist.  I know plenty of women who I can assure you are not faking their geekdom.  What's more, the entire idea is incredibly stupid when you think about it.  Why?  I've got some reasons.
  1. Women have plenty of ways to get a man's attention without faking being a geek.  Remember guys, they have breasts and other attractive features.  Speaking as a man, breasts, and by every logical extension the women they're attached too, have a way of making themselves noticed in a crowd.
  2. If a woman wanted to attract the attention of a male geek, and spark conversation with him, by dressing as, say, Yoko Littner at a con, she would have to: know who Yoko is; have a working knowledge of Gurren Lagann; know about the culture surrounding the show in particular; know about the overall anime culture and have a working knowledge of that culture, including but not limited to a vocabulary of otaku terms and familiarity with important anime, so-so anime, and anime only 5 people know about; find a con that is cost effective for her to go to; gather all the materials for the Yoko cosplay; assemble the cosplay, including possibly loosing or gaining weight in order to more closely match Yoko's body type; and finally be at the con and find someone.  After spending all of that time and money supposedly putting together the perfect charade, said woman wouldn't have the possibility or reason to fake being a geek.  To be completely honest, after a certain amount of time, she wouldn't consider this endeavor worth it unless she was really interested in it.  And before you say that there's a subsection of geekdom that can be more easily faked, go ask a member of that subsection what it would take to make a facade so good it's undetectable.  They'll probably spit out a list similar to mine. 
  3. Why would having women in geek culture be a bad thing?  Isn't finding a girl who is not only attracted to you but is also interested in your obsession the DREAM?  I know it is for me.  Furthermore, if more women came into geek culture, wouldn't we get more enjoyable and thought provoking works that can only come from having a female mindset behind it?  For all we know, the next Star Wars or Superman or Citizen Kane or Madoka or Portal could be written by a woman, and lord knows that would be a great world to live in.
In all seriousness, there is no reason that a woman can't be interested in Anime, Sci-fi, Comics, Movies, Games, Sports, or anything else just as much as a man can.  This holds true for any activity unless there are actual physical or mental restrictions, and those instances are case by case, not overarching.  I can understand why this mindset came about in the first place, but it needs to go away.  We don't live in a world where that mindset is useful anymore, and to be quite frank, I'm skeptical as to whether we ever did.
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At this point, I have little idea when I'll write those next chapters.  I might do them over the summer, but don't quote me on that.
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Hey man. How long until we can expect an update for Phantom Avengers. I'm sorry to keep asking this question, but you have an AWESOME story, I can't wait to see what comes next.


So who's on the Avengers Roster for your story? We've got Captain America, Iron man, Thor, Hulk, Spider-man, Hawkeye, Hank Pym, Wasp, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Winter Soldier, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Wonder man. Am I missing anyone? (besides Danny, his friends, and Betty Ross).

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I'm bound to sometime.  Right now, I'm prioritizing getting Gurren Lantern done.
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